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Cypress Grove Technologies


Long Island Computer Networks
Managed Services


Information Technology has become an undeniably critical component of all business operations. Today, your business success depends on your IT infrastructure. Our managed IT services provide you with proactive support, live monitoring, management, and maintenance for your systems. While you focus on your core business, we provide you with a virtual IT department that focuses on fine tuning the systems that drive your business.

IT Consulting Long Island
IT Planning


With over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, we are aware of the needs clients have in making important technical decisions. We'll help you design & architect an environment that's tailored to your company’s needs. We'll also provide expert installation and ongoing system maintenance; the perfect solution for a business without a dedicated IT department or limited IT support.

IT Consulting Long Island


Everyone assumes they've got a reliable backup solution, until disaster strikes. By then, it's too late and critical data and systems are lost. With our award winning backup and disaster recovery solution, SaferBackup™, nothing is ever left to assumption. In addition to live backup monitoring and daily status reports, we also conduct regular integrity testing to ensure your data is intact and ready to be restored, should the need arise. Not only is SaferBackup™ HIPPA and PCI compliant, it employes the highest encyption technology available to protect your sensitive data. SaferBackup completely eliminates privacy concerns while guarding your sensitive data.

IT Consulting Long Island
Expert Support


Inevitably, things will break; it's a fact of life. Realizing that you've got rock-solid, reliable support at your disposal is not only reassuring, it's downright empowering. While other businesses flounder and suffer incalculable losses stemming from poor support, you're way ahead of the game. You've got Cypress Grove's expert support technicians behind and beside you and your team. Whether it's innoculating a virus infection, resolving wireless issues, or repairing broken hardware, our expert techs are poised and ready to quickly tackle the obstacles that would otherwise falter your success.

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