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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CVE-2023-5129

What is the security issue?

A zero-day vulnerability (labeled CVE-2023-5129) has been discovered in a technology called libwebp, which affects many popular software applications like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others. This flaw could potentially allow unauthorized actions by external parties if certain images are viewed on affected platforms.

I am a customer of yours, has there been a breach in my system?

No, there has been no breach in any of the systems managed by us. We proactively taking steps to mitigate any associated risks with this vulnerability.

What is Cypress Grove doing to address this issue?

We are currently updating all necessary systems and applications to the latest, secure versions to address this specific vulnerability. Additionally, we have enhanced our security monitoring and are actively collaborating with industry experts to stay updated on any developments regarding this security threat.

What can I do to ensure my digital security?

It's advisable to keep your personal devices and applications updated to the latest versions available. Always download updates from official sources. Also, practice caution by avoiding viewing or downloading images from unsolicited communications, especially from unknown sources.

Will there be any downtime while you update the systems?

We are working diligently to ensure that any updates occur with minimal to no impact on your services. If any downtime is anticipated, we will communicate this to you in advance.

How can I stay updated on this issue?

We will continue to keep you informed via email on important security matters. Additionally, you may reach out to our Client Services Team for any concerns or further information.

Is there a way to know if my system has been affected?

Our security infrastructure is designed to detect and address any unusual activities swiftly. We are also continuously monitoring all systems to ensure they remain secure. However, if you notice anything unusual or have any concerns, we encourage you to contact our Client Services Team immediately.

Where can I learn more about online security?

There are many online resources available that offer information on digital security best practices. Additionally, we will be sharing relevant security updates and recommendations through our various communications channels.

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