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Cypress Grove Technologies


We do not view ourselves as another one of your vendors; we’re an integral part of your team. We know technology is a fundamental element of your operation and we're passionate about helping you maximize and safeguard it. From helping with smartphones, to managing your systems, to cloud based solutions, and every detail in between, we’ve got your back 100%. We’re your experts, and we vow to deliver the best experience, the most value, and zero bull. That is our core philosophy, and our commitment to you.


-Berkan Mustafa, President & Chief Technologist

Founded in the 21st Century,
born in the 20th

Our origins began during the summer of 1996. The Macarena was the latest dance craze, Independence Day was rocking the box office, and this new thing called the "Internet" was just starting to become the talk of the town.


Full-time student and future founder of Cypress Grove Technologies, Berkan Mustafa (Berk), was determined to deliver high quality assistance and solutions to people needing help with their new fangled computers, cordless phone systems, and general electronics. It was during these early days a seed was planted; a vision of Cypress Grove (but not the actual name, that comes much later), was born.


After many successful years helping residential clients and a handful of small businesses, Berk's focus and interest gradually shifted from residential explicitly toward commercial systems. He went on to exercise his tech talents exclusively at a series of private corporations. His tenure at each of these firms further cultivated the neccessary aptitude, experience, and tenacity to return to his original vision.


In the year 2013, that seed (now nourished) took root and Cypress Grove Technologies emerged. Seventeen plus years of commitment, hard work, practice, and perseverence allowed Berk to take his vision and successfully make it reality.


Today, Cypress Grove Technologies delivers small & mid-sized businesses around the world from the woes of poorly planned or improperly executed IT practices. Our clients vary widely in shape, size and industry, and have greatly different needs. They all share one same thing in common though: the desire for a high-quality IT experience from a provider they can trust. Our clients come back to us, time and time again simply because we are thorough, reliable, honest, sincere, and we've proven ourselves to be the best.

"Where we're going, we dont need roads"

Over the next decade, heavy reinvesting of profits, constant expansion to emerging markets & verticles, and delivering consistent five-star service will remain our primary goals. Throughout, we shall remain a distinguished leader within our industry. Our name stands as the hallmark of excellence, quality, and simplicity within the Infornation Technology arena. Our overall aim is to be the absolute best at what we do, and continually be recognized for it by clients and competitors alike.

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